Sunday, November 13, 2011

Howe Gelb and Thoger Lund at Pioneer Hotel Lobby...12 NOV 2011

half of Giant Sand...rockin' a hotel lobby on a Saturday night...
As I was checking out "2nd Saturdays" in downtown Tucson last night, I was walking down Stone Ave, and I saw a cluster scraggly looking people hanging out in the lobby of the Pioneer Hotel. At first, I thought it was some sort of shelter for those without homes to come in from the cold...but when I got a closer look I saw that it was the audience for a musical performance! I recognized Howe Gelb and Thoger Lund on center "stage" (see photo), so I walked right in...

I caught about three songs (stuff from their recent "Blurry Blue Mountain" album, I think), as I leaned against an elevator door.  Howe was the last musical act that night; others included Tom WalbankChris Black (who had framed artwork from his just recently recorded CD on the walls)., and Gabriel Sullivan,   Infants were crawling around the lobby, squealing and boucing to the music. The atmosphere was very odd and surreal.

I think that this event was hosted by the Tucson Pima Arts Council, since several of their people were there (with their kids). Artwork from each of the musicians adorned the wall (you can see some of it in the background), with Howe Gelb having created a large piece of "folk ark" (which was actually five pieces of butcher paper on which Howe told a story, drawn with a Sharpie, about a mishap with woman he'd had several years ago outside a Texas nightclub).   This gig was definitely off the beaten path, but very enjoyable for those who happened to discover it!

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