Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amazing Artist Alert! ...Mel Dominguez

SLIT: When did you know that you wanted to be an artist? Was there an "aha!" moment?

MD:  I knew I wanted to be an artist in the first grade. It was because I used to wake up early when my grandfather was going to work, he would put on POPEYE.  Back then there was a man who would introduce the cartoon by sketching out a little something of Popeye's. I saw him do it and I knew then I was going to do THAT when I grew up.

SLIT:  Who's art do you prefer: Picasso or George Herriman (creator of "Krazy Kat")?

MD: BOTH, cause I feel a little like the both of them

SLIT: Who are your artistic influences? Have you always been interested in art? Does it come naturally for you?

MD: my grandfather would oil paint. I thought it was amazing. It comes naturally. I knew at an early age we had no money for school so I would exercise myself by copying or imitating other artists trying to get the same results. It helped

SLIT:  How does Tucson compare to Los Angeles for you? Has living in Tucson caused a change in your artwork?

MD: Tucson is smaller. The art community even smaller! Living here in Tucson has changed my art. I was working in Los Angeles for other people. Here in Tucson, I work for myself....it feels good.

Mel painting a blacklight mural

SLIT:  Do you play an instrument? Have you ever been in a band?

MD: I used to play they xylophone. It reminded me of my two favorite things: piano and drums. No band. Just late drunk nights with the family singing "we all live in the yellow submarine!"

SLIT:  Do you need music to create?

MD: I don't need music to create, BUT it helps. It's like voodoo
"Venus de Melo"

SLIT:  Have you ever created a comic book? (if so, please describe)

MD: I have created short stories....comic strips. The ideas come from real life situations that I find funny. I recently created some images in honor of the New Yorker's event on Oct 3rd. The images are of a Mexican crossing the border on a bicycle during "El Tour de Tucson".  They are currently being shown @ My Addiction Gallery inside the 6th & 6th corridor

SLIT:  How has your work changed over time?

MD: My work is more focused and complete.  I'm learning to edit the ideas.  Listen to what people dig :) Then I give it to them.

SLIT: Do you have favorite colors? Mediums?

MD: I love blue and white. Mediums......acrylic, spray paint, oils. Most of all my BIC pen for sick iLLustrations
"Tiki Unveiling"

SLIT:  Do work from sketches, or are you more spontaneous?

MD: Big time spontaneous. It makes it adventurous for me as an artist and I think people have fun watching magic happen. I call it freestyle, but it aint for free.

SLIT:  Favorite artists? books? movies?

MD:  Bob Ross, Picasso, Dali, Von Bode.....because they jumped off the edge. Bob Ross cause of the fro. Books: Bible, Secret Societies, Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River. Movies:  Good Fellas, Wizards, Willy Wonka

SLIT:  What inspires you?

MD: Everything inspires me:  words, sounds, questions, people, scenes, riding the public limousine, only having two weeks to complete a solo show, opportunity, almost died. You name it I can be inspired by it.  This exercise taught me to be my own sales rep, manager, pr.

Thanks for choosing me to be the interviewee. peace Howard

Visit Mel's website: mrocla.com

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  1. Great interview, great artist! And I happen to LOVE the painting "Venus de Melo." Watch Melo closely - certainly there are even more amazing things to come from Melo's creative and generous heart and hand!