Friday, October 1, 2010

The Seldoms! in comix...from 1980

The Seldoms...the sound of grinding garbage?! No way!
Here's a reprint of a comic that I originally ran in a comic zine I made called "Band Comix", back in the early '80's, that I sold primarily through the used record store called Al Bum's. (I've since repackaged it in my book SLIT Fanzine & Tucson's New Music Scene, 1980-1981) This toon was the result of a conversation that I had with Chris Holiman at the record store called Roads to Moscow. He was telling me, "the Seldoms sounds like nobody else! We have our own unique sound!"...careful Chris! You're setting youself up to be cartoon-ized!  Of course, the Seldoms DID have their own unique sound, and their music sounds even more interesting and original today (to me) than it did back when they were a gigging band...but at the time, there was an attitude of "no rockstars!", and I saw my role (as a cartoonist) was to deflate swollen egos, so I was constantly mocking and poking fun at the bands through my fanzine, even if I liked them! 

This cartoon also contains an anachronism: garbage men! Nowaday, instead of having two guys in the rear hop out and hoist your trash cans into the back of the truck, there's only one guy in a massive grinder truck that rolls up with a hydraulic lift on it (that's got a monster robot claw attached), and it hoists up the contents of your big blue recycle bin high into the air and shakes it out into the bed of the truck, before slamming the emptied plastic husk back onto the street, usually pushed over.

Chris, and the Seldoms, if I offended you with this cartoon...I'm sorry!

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