Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tucson Drummers Series: Winston Watson!!!

The Legendary!! Winston Watson (photo credit: Cliff Green)
SLIT:  How did you start drumming? Are you self taught? What was your first drum set? Any fave songs you practiced to?

WW: Hmm. I guess it had to go back as early as 'Walk, Don't Run' by The Ventures, as far as noticing drums. Then, Led Zeppelin made a huge impression on me, drum-wise.
My dad bought me a drum kit for 35.00 bucks from my high school pal, Steve Brandon. It was a woof-wah set of Crown drums, made in Japan. Just crap, but I got it to work, one piece at a time.
I tried to mimic what I heard. I think Kiss, 'Love Gun' may have played a part in this, somewhere, and Bad Company.

SLIT. How do you hold your sticks? Have you ever received any tips about drum technique from other drummer? Which drummers do you admire for their style? Do you have fave drummers? Drumming influences?

Matched grip. Check out my FB album 'The one's that made me listen for influences and likes’.

SLIT: What kind of set do you play? What's your dream drum set?

WW: DrumWorkshop for 22 years. I've had more kits than I could play of different brands. I have one fave that is a 4 piece DW kit. There is only one like it on the planet

SLIT:  What are your thoughts on drum fills? Drum solos? Is less more? Who's style do you prefer: Stewart Copeland's or Tommy Ramone's?

WW: I hate most fills and solos, but they can be fun. Less is much more. TR

SLIT:  If you could design your own drumstick, what features would it have?

WW: A slightly longer Vic Firth 8D. Plus, a slightly thinner Vic Firth 3A for heavier stuff I used to use tree trunks, but, alas, I am old now...

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