Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jonny Sevin Comix: "No Show Funnies"

I'd restarted SLIT mainly because Pen Pendleton requested order to have me draw Jonny Sevin comix, in order to help promote their scheduled gig at Club Congress (during their 25th Anniversary shin-dig). Well, I'd started up the zine...but J7 was a no-show. What was I to do? Make Jonny Sevin "no show" comix, of course! I hope they don't get too pissed about all of this!

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  1. This is very cutting and funny. To me J7 ranks as one of the big Tucson acts of the 80s. They were our supergroup, with members from various successful bands before them. They also had a house on Broadway near Columbus that was a hot spot for after-hours parties. Some people still refer to that place as the Jonny Sevin house. Hard to believe only 6 gigs. I remember being jealous of them and making fun of them -- being in a locally competing band. Although I knew and liked all the band members!