Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Legenary punk dive "Tumbleweeds" is now a thrift store! This was the heyday of the punk scene (for me): The Pills, The Serfers, Memory Product, White Pages (first gigs), Giant Sandworms (first gigs), Suspects and Pedestrians (reunions back then!!), and then came the Phoenix bands: Meat Puppets, The Nervous, J.F.A....and then the California bands: the Plugz, the Weirdos, Channel 3, Black Flag, finally culminating L.A.'s "X"...three weeks after X, Tumbleweeds closed down...only to reopen later as "The Backstage".


  1. Fun stuff, Howie! It's fitting that Tumbleweeds is a thrift store now, isn't it?

    I've got some Tucson punk-centric stuff on my blog, too. I should share the links with you.

  2. Before and after pictures would really be cool...