Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to the SLIT blog!

Welcome to the online version of SLIT music fanzine! To those who don't know what SLIT is or was, check here and here. The focus will start with the Tucson music scene, but I'd like to start including more of Phoenix too.

This blog will be the current up-to-date version of SLIT music fanzine. The emphasis will be not so much on nostalgia and looking back, but rather, what's going on with musicians, artists, and writers today. Instead of creating a printed paper product that comes out every so often, I'll be posting stuff here on a fairly consistent basis. I'll start by posting content from the current issue of SLIT (currently available in zine format at the Hotel Congress front desk and at the 17th Street Market. When that material is exhausted, I'll start soliciting new material, in the form of interviews, articles, and artwork. It will be fun for me, and I hope that y'all out there reading this will enjoy it too. So subscribe to this blog (or bookmark it) if you'd like to stay in touch!


Howard Salmon
editor & publisher, SLIT
email: hsalmon@howardsalmon.com>

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